Kevin Takes to the Ring for Cancer Research UK

Next weekend, Kevin from our sales team is putting on his boxing gloves to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Kevin is training with Ultra White Collar Boxing, who are Cancer Research UK’s biggest fundraising supporter in the UK. They have raised over £12 million to date through almost 130,000 fundraising events.


Kevin has embarked on an eight week training course at a local gym in Inverness. The aim of the training program is to get you extremely fit and teach you all the techniques you need for your big fight. At the end of the eight weeks, participants are matched based on weight, fitness, ability and age.


“I thought it was about time to try and get fit in some way, shape or form, and what better way of motivating myself than trying to avoid getting punched in the face! Plus the added bonus that it’s all in the name of charity.”


Kevin’s fight will be taking place at Inverness Ice Rink on the 26th of May. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all his ventures on our social media platforms, and letting you know how much he’s raised for this great cause. Stay tuned to see how he gets on.