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Domestic Buying Groups


Domestic Buying Groups


More and more domestic heating oil users are joining community buying groups.


As the price of oil increases so does the cost of delivering oil, being able to offset these costs by harnessing the buying power of friends, family and neighbours is a must.


Transport and delivery costs are included as part of the total price of your oil purchases. However, by grouping deliveries together i.e. in the same area and at the same time, delivery costs can be significantly reduced and therefore savings made.


It is worth remembering that members do not have to buy heating oil solely through the syndicate. They are free at any point to purchase oil themselves as their individual needs dictate and therefore do not need to wait until there are sufficient numbers in the oil buying group before they can place an order.


The advantages of joining an oil buying group:


Reduction in unit price

Highland Fuels offer a reduction in quoted schedule prices for larger volumes as it reduces delivery costs. The advantage of an oil buying group is that all members benefit from the total volume price reduction irrespective of the individual volume ordered.


Fewer goods vehicle movements/fewer tankers on the road

An oil buying group of five houses has the potential to reduce the number of delivery tanker journeys in the area from five to one. If each member of the group takes 3 deliveries a year, this could reduce the number of tanker movements from 15 to just 3! Safer for the community and better for the environment!


Social cohesion

Local hamlets or villages can work together for communal benefit, which can help to unify communities.






Domestic Buying Groups


Setting up an oil buying group


Keep the buying group local

When setting up an oil buying group it is important to think about the size of a membership and the area it will cover. A local area can be a street, village, a parish or defined by a postcode boundary.


Establish good communication

The buying group will need to decide how it will operate, for example, is there a deadline each month to place an order, and how will the group manage emergency orders.


Administering an oil buying group


Oil buying groups often supply a registration form for new members to collect personal details and information on the properties for deliveries.


The kind of information we need to know is: name, address, contact telephone numbers, email address, tank size, directions to property and the route to the tank. All the buyers' information needs to be on a spread sheet and emailed to sales@highlandfuels.co.uk.




Each group needs a co-ordinator and a deputy and they will be responsible for ordering for the whole group. Our minimum order is 500 litres and for the best discounts, ideally we would need to get as close to a tanker full as possible. A standard small tanker can carry 11,500 litres.


Highland Fuels Buying Group Co-ordinator


We understand that it is often difficult for someone in the community to run a group and deal with ordering, so we have a Buying Group co-ordinator at Highland Fuels that will be happy to take on this time consuming role. This means that once the Group has been set up, our Buying Group co-ordinator can make ordering hassle free by diarising contact prior to the Group order and dealing with all the members of the group.




It is advisable that co-ordinators ask members to pay Highland Fuels direct and there are a couple of points to be aware of:

  • New customers to Highland Fuels must pay up front for their first order
  • Top up customers cannot be part of the order
  • Monthly payment plan customers can be part of the order being placed

If this is something you would be interested in then give our friendly, professional sales team a call on 0800 224224 or email sales@highlandfuels.co.uk.